A restaurant tale

The boys ordered pancakes and sausage patties for dinner tonight when I took them to a restaurant that I won’t name, except to say that the name of its mascot can be found in the sentence, “Boy, they were really big jerks.”

For 20 minutes we waited, without drinks, without a check-back from the waitress. It was busy. I wondered if they were snubbing us because I’d already gotten into a debate over why I couldn’t get the add-on price for the salad bar instead of the stand-alone price even if I were ordering with a coupon. But I digress.

The point is that the food came with bacon instead of sausage, which was no big deal, even though it came late and cold. I told our server (now a different person) that they’d ordered sausage, and on her way to go get our drinks, she said she’d fix it.

About 10 minutes later, meals eaten, bacon nibbled at, the original server returns and says they want their bacon back!

Katie, age 11, says immediately, “Haven’t they heard of swine flu?”

All the way home the boys sang, “I want my baconback backonback baconback, I want my baconback baconback baconback.”

I know the economy is bad, but has it come to this? Repossessing bacon that people didn’t order in the first place?


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