About this blog’s title

– 30 –

Like many newspaper journalists for a couple of hundred years, I’ve been putting this little notation at the bottom of my stories to mark the end.

There are at least 30 stories to explain this cryptic designation. The most plausible come from the old telegraph era, one alleging that an operator named Thirtee added it to the end of his dispatches, another claiming that it came at the end of an early 30-word dispatch to a news organization, and thereafter the designation -30- was attached to news items.

Where it came from doesn’t matter quite so much as what it means. It means that the story is finished, and for my purposes, it means that the newspaper portion of my writing for the day is done.

What comes after the – 30 – is what you will find here. Some of it will seem journalistic in nature, though perhaps more journal than newspaper. Some if it will be creative. Little if any of it will intersect with my professional writing for The Courier-Journal, or the subject matter of my blog for that publication, which can be found by clicking here.

Thanks for stopping by.


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